Training Plans

Home based fitness in the Boston area:

A session will include a warm up/cool down, stretch, and a full body resistance training program using body weight, resistance bands, stability balls, weights, kettle bells, and various other equipment to help you achieve your fitness goals. Clients will be provided with a copy of each workout.

Consultation and fitness assessment including interview, goal setting and fitness level assessment (required prior to training session): $50

Individual Single session (45-60 minutes): $100

Small Group (2-4 people): $75/per person


“Get Moving”: 3 sessions to get you going on your journey to fitness! This package will provide you with the basics of exercise and focus on form, stability and general physical readiness for working out! ($285)

“Keep Going”: 5 sessions to continue on your way toward your goals! This package will focus on integration of endurance and increased overall strength. Your muscles will thank you!  ($450)

“Let’s Rock”: 10 sessions for the client that’s in it for the long haul! This package will focus on increased integration of muscle power and maximum strength. Get ready to sweat! ($950)

TriJake session: $85/session

visit the TriJake website for more information regarding rates and packages and to schedule a session today!


Please contact me for more information regarding programs or to schedule an assessment.

xo R


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